4 Thing to Consider to choose the perfect Sofa Set – Custom Sofa | Couch Set

Sofa is the place where we spend the time making beautiful memories with our family and friends. It is the place which we prefer in all sorts of moods, in the absence/presence of our family, friends, etc. It is also the second most precious place after the dining table where we have quality time with our family and friends. You know one of the important Living Room Furniture.

Sofa Set is one of the largest furniture purchases and also one of the most used furniture. If you ask me, I consider my Living room sofa as part of the family. Since it provides me comfort and pampering whenever I need it and in return, I treat it as a family and take care of it.

That’s why getting the right sofa set couch set for home is a serious business.

When buying a sofa set or hiring a professional to build a custom sofa set, here are few things to consider, and to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What a sofa set/couch should have (Style, look, comfort, space)? And rank them according to your priority.

It is very important to consider what exactly you are looking for in your new sofa set | couch set.

A sofa/couch with style and look which will enhance your interior design ( living room especially)? or A sofa set | couch set which has very comfortable padding covered with best in class smooth fabric?

Sofa with plenty of space that can seat many people might cover more floor space. So is your priority to get a sofa that covers less floor space? You can consider L- shaped sofa or a combination of sofa and multipurpose chairs.

Getting all the above elements sorted out will help you to decide the best sofa set for your needs and home interior. 

2. What should be the dimension and shape of  your Sofa?

Thoroughly measure the floor area you are planning to place the sofa and decide the dimension of the sofa/couch which best fits the interior space/exterior space. Remember that sofa size also plays a very important role in enhancing your interior design, your house looks/feel and helping you get a spacey interior.

Don’t forget to keep dimensional consideration of your doors and other possibilities (like twist and turns) that might occur while getting the sofa home. Especially the entrance gate and lifts capacity and opening dimensions.

Also, consider the sofa shape that best fits your needs, goes well with your style, best fits your interior space and enhances your interiors look and feel.

3. Consider your interior design theme while selecting your Sofa.

It is very important to choose a sofa/couch that goes well with your home interiors or office interior.

Sofas are the furniture that has the potential to beautify the home interior or spoil it. Remember that furniture like a sofa set or couch set lasts longer and makes you invest a pretty good amount.

Take the help of your family members or consult an Interior Designer or Home Decorators while selecting the padding material, fabric material, fabric color and the sofa or couch shape.

It’s important to visualize your new sofa/couch design and color in the circumstances you are planning to place this new sofa set.

4. Practicality of visualising the Sofa Design and where to get it from?

Congratulations! If you have followed the above steps you will have a visual sofa ready in your mind/furniture design tools/paper. Now you are ready to go for a hunt. Before that, the most common question we ask ourselves is where to get it from?

You have three options to find your dream sofa/couch. 

  • Look online for the nearest match with your visualised sofa. 
  • Consider inquiring at a local furniture store. 
  • Hire custom furniture making firms and get your visualised sofa build (This works 90% of the time).


It’s very difficult to get a sofa which best matches your style, gives you comfort and meets your sofa space requirements. Considering the quality and the trust makes it sound impossible. We end up adjusting ourselves with any sofa/couch, thinking we will get it next time. But remember there is a possibility, you might end up saying “next time” again.

That’s the reason we are here. We at DesignGig have experts, who can help you in choosing and designing the right sofa set or any kind of home furniture for your home. 

We provide customizable services and products at a reasonable price and at a committed time. We at DesignGig promise to transform your space into a home of your dreams with the budget of your choice. To know more about us, visit us at DesignGig or contact us to schedule a meet with us.