20+ Excellent Balcony Décoration Ideas: Balcony Design Tips

If you’re a person who loves some peace and quiet, we’re sure you would love to do up your balcony. Be it compact or large, here are some design ideas to inspire you to take up the challenge of creating a beautiful outdoor space.

1. Brighten up the Balcony

This Diwali Festive let the beauty of our balcony Illuminati, add white string lights to the ceiling. This will also give a fairy look to our balcony. Colorful lamps and paper lanterns will add up to the traditional vibes of Diwali.

2. Patio garden

Having a patio garden with favorite flowering plants is the best option for gardening lovers. We can have beautiful designer pots to add an element to the garden. We must take care that plants should get the perfect amount of sunlight. Adding herbs like tulsi, pudina, etc. are also a good option. Lavender and rosemary will add the fragrance to the balcony.

3. Indoor plants

Because of the increasing population, we see multiple buildings side by side, so it’s not always you get perfect sunlight on our balcony. This is the situation we can opt for indoor plants in the balcony. Hanging in the money plant is my favorite.

4. Artificial plants

Live plants require maintenance. And we are busy with our daily routine, having no time to take care of plants. But still being a nature lover if we want to see greenery in the balcony we can always opt for artificial plants. It gives a perfect nature look with no time taking cleaning and maintenance.

5. Plants for privacy

We are never bound to always opt for small plants. Tall plants and small trees can add instant charm to our balcony décor. Adding tall artificial/original plants to our balcony will give us privacy.

6. Railing Planters

If our balcony is small in area and we want to add so many elements to it and make it a dreamy balcony then we can opt for railing planters. This will save you some space.

7. Use Step ladder for Flowering Plants

If we plan to have multiple plant pots but have no space on the balcony, we can opt for a step ladder or simple shelves. It will add a beautiful corner to the balcony. We can also decorate the corner of the shelf or ladder with string lights.

8. Hanging garden planter with pockets

Hanging garden planter is mostly made of the latest eco-friendly felt cloth, which is breathable, durable and corrosion resistant. Gives a good growing environment for our plants. It is Lightweight plant pot and can be easily hung on the wall without fear of falling down with a waterproof layer on the back to protect the wall from water. Sums up to a beautiful view.

9. Wall garden

Hanging in pots to the wall will save the space as well as add an element to the wall.

10. Traditional cane seating

Give the balcony a traditional and simple look with cane seatings and a chair pad on it.  This will also give our grandparents feel at home if they are somewhere attached to it. It will be a perfect newspaper reading environment for them.

11. Cozy Lounge Bed

I love to have a cozy corner of my own where I can spend lots of ME time. We can have our cozy space on the balcony by adding a lounge bed. Adding comfy and beautiful cushions will add an element to the area. We can always surround the lounge bed with candles, lamps, and indoor plants.

12. Colorful Wooden Furniture with Bright Cushion

We can paint the wooden chair with our favorite bright color. Keep cushion on the chair in contrast with the chair.

Mix and match of different types of seating will also give a new look to our balcony.

13. Add curtains for privacy

There is always a solution for any problem. If we are concerned with privacy in the balcony we can cover it with beautiful curtains. Curtains will also add an element to the décor. We must be very much careful while selecting the fabric of the curtain, it should be sustainable and according to the weather of our city.

14. Comfy Swing

Swings must be a part of most of our childhood. Let us bring back those fun things on our balcony. Selecting the shape and size of the swing should be based on our balcony. It adds on a relaxing corner to our balcony.

15. Artificial Grass Carpet Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is an important part of designing. These days with expensive houses it’s difficult to be the owner of a house with big lawns, so people try to give their balcony garden effect with artificial grass carpet on the floor. It gives texture to the floor.

16. Outdoor Rug

If you are not fond of artificial grass carpet, Outdoor rug is always an option. Rug design selection should be according to the furniture in the balcony. Jute rugs are also good.

17. Cane Basket

Cane basket adds on to the beautiful balcony garden décor. It is available in many different designs, shapes, and sizes in the market.

18. Bookshelves for Book Lover

There can be no better feeling than reading a book in fresh air. It would be great if we can give some space for books on our balcony. Wooden crate shelves should be a good option, it can be customized in while hanging on the wall.

19. Wind Chimes

After such hectic weekdays all of us crave a relaxing weekend, sitting ideal in the balcony with a cup of coffee doing nothing. In this mood charming rhythmical sounds of wind chimes will be the enhancing factor.

20. Make your own Meditation Corner

It is the known fact that there is no replacement of natural light and fresh air for our health. It keeps us away from many diseases.

So, having a meditation corner on our balcony is a must. If the balcony is spacious, we can add a Buddha statue for positive vibes.

21. Creativity with Chalkboard

Hanging chalkboards on the wall is in trend. We can hang it on the side wall of the balcony and draw anything we like. The best part is we can give it different designs everyday with colorful chalks.

22. Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging

Mandala Tapestry Wall Hangings are good decorating pieces to revive the entire look of the balcony. It gives the perfect background to the cozy reading corner.

23. Hang in Bird Feeder

It’s always nice to be near nature. A bird feeder placed in our balcony can attract a variety of native birds. we must hang it in a way that we do not end up cleaning the bird droppings.