11 Traditional yet Economical Diwali Decoration Ideas to give your Home a Festive Makeover

Diwali decor ideas

Festivals are all about delicious food, quality time with family and decorating our space. The Interior design and the vibes of our home can hugely impact our festive mood.

Diwali, one of the most popular festivals of the year, is around the corner. This is the time when we can go crazy about decorating and cleaning our house. After being at home in this pandemic most of us are looking for economical decoration ideas. We are here to help you with some amazing and inspiring ideas that can fulfill your creative cravings and do wonders, welcome good luck, prosperity and happiness to your home.

1. Colourful Lights at the Entrance

Entrance can be the highlight of our home and we always want it to be welcoming. Let’s brighten the space this Diwali to make a lasting impression and provide a warm festive welcome.

a. Lantern, Kandeels and Lamps

Lanterns or kandeels are hung for around a month from the first day of Diwali. Kandeels are also called Akash Deepa or Akash kandeel. Hindus in earlier days set kandeels afloat high, a gesture to invite the spirits of their ancestors moving around to come back home and be with them during the festival time. Hence the name Akash Deepa (lantern of the sky) or Akash kandil.

The traditional Diwali lanterns, kandeels and lamps can brighten up the entrance providing more glamour to the space. These lanterns, kandeels and lamps can be handmade or can also be purchased from the market. 

b. Diyas and Candles 

Diyas give a divine look and glorify the space, we can buy these handmade from street vendors.  

If we want to get rid of the workaround with Diyas like filling oil in each one etc, we can always go for Electric Diyas or Candles.

c. Floating Candles

Floating candles, with flowers in a decorative container(uruli) is a perfect match for our traditional interior. We can also use a big container already available at our home and give it a beautiful look.

d. Traditional Chandlers

We can also add chandlers at the entrance to brighten it up and give it a traditional look.

Having a medley of colorful hanging lamps, diyas and candles will fill our home with colorful vibes. Scented candles add up to the festive feel.

2. Adding Patterns to the Wall

House painting is a part of Diwali decoration. This year with a budget constraint we can opt for giving our favorite wall a theme that matches the interior. Adding patterns to our favorite wall will not only enhance the wall but would also be into our budget this festive season.  Just one statement wall can make a huge difference. We can also go for Wallpapers or DIY Stencils patterns for giving patterns to the wall.

Some of the options available online are…

3. Add Visual Space with Mirror and Decorate it with Lights/Flowers

Adding a mirror to your home will make your space look bigger and brighter. It will expand the space instantly and can also give a traditional vibe to your living room. Decorating it with lights and flowers is an add-on.

a. Contemporary Dining Room Mirror Wall

Adding a mirror to the wall of our dining room will enlarge the room virtually. The mirror can be squares or rectangular and can also be burst mirrors or irregular ones.

b. Entryway Mirror

We can go for a big or small mirror for entrance based on the space available. It will reflect light and will create the illusion of a bigger space.

c. Multiple Round Mirrors

Adding multiple round mirrors together on the wall of either the entryway or living room will give the area an elegant look.

You can buy mirrors from below links or use the available ones creatively.

4. Decorate with Greenery

Indoor plants can bring life to our living room and fill dead space. We can add greenery as a wall hanging, table centerpiece, fill corner space and many more. Adding greenery will keep us calm and fresh.

If you have potted plants at home decorate them with serial lights this Diwali to add that festive glow to the room.

below is the link for some plants. For finding out the best plant for you, check out our Best Indoor Plant guide.

5. Decorate your Home with the Simplicity and Versatility of Indian Fabrics and Prints

Medley of vibrant colors, diversity in patterns, ethnicity vibes, Indian fabrics has it all.

  1. We can use a printed colorful/Rajasthani cushion cover to spice up our living room.
  2. Using rugs and carpet with Indian patterns is also a great add on.
  3. An attractive doormat at the entrance will be welcoming for our Diwali guests.
  4. Bright colors of cotton or Polyester Fabric is a good option for curtains.

Below links are some of the options you can use.

6. Enlighten your Corner Space with a Buddha Statue

Having Buddha at home will keep a peaceful environment. The sense of balance and calmness that the idol brings to an area helps to create an ambiance of positivity. We can buy a Buddha idol or decorate the one available with some colorful candles to glorify the beauty.

Look out some of the product available online.

7. Use String Lights Creatively

String light is the one-stop-shop solution to brighten up our house for Diwali. This is the product that can be used in every nook or corner in numerous ways. 

  1. We can wrap string lights with flower garlands and use them in the puja room as a backdrop.
  2.  It can also be used to highlight your photo collage wall.
  3.  Hanging string lights on the wall with the shape of your favorite inspirational word will also create a positive vibe.
  4. We can also fill a bunch of glass jars with white or colorful string lights and use it on the entryway table or hang it on the balcony.
  5.  Drape it around the furniture, doors, vanity mirror and windows to give it a sparkling look.
  6.  Hanging it on the ceiling of the entrance or balcony directly will also give a fairy look.
  7.  We can make our own dining room Chandelier by wrapping a generous amount of string lights over a ring and hanging it to the ceiling.

We can go for string lights available at home from last year Diwali or get new ones.

8. Cheer up the Mood with Flowers

A good choice always matters as we deal with flowers. We can always choose the color and type of flower based on our interior. Flower vases should also be attractive and contrast.

  1. We can add flower garlands in the puja area as a backdrop.
  2. We can also wrap it along the stairways and railings to give our home a festive feel.
  3. Adding refreshing and beautiful flowers to our living room will add to the festive décor.

One can buy fresh flowers from street vendors in the market.

9. Gift yourself a New Nameplate

This Diwali, give yourself a custom-made nameplate. Give it a traditional yet modern touch and weave your story. Customized nameplates will surely add grace to your house.

10. Rangoli and Corner Decorations

In our Indian Culture its tradition to welcome God with a magnificent piece of art called “Rangoli”. This combination of bright colors can be made on the floor of the living room, at the entrance, place of worship, and the corners.

Here are some Inspiring Rangoli options

a. Flower Rangoli:

Flower rangoli is evergreen and incomparable with other rangolis. Flower adds colors, fragrance and natural beauty to it.

b. Colored powder rangoli:

Dry or wet white stone powder/rice flour was traditionally used for Rangoli, but now colored powder is in trend. We can still use white stone powder/rice flour for a better finish and defined borders.

c. Stencil Rangoli:

Nowadays in our busy schedule, it is really difficult to give so much time for rangoli, so if we do not want to make a mess let’s opt for stencil Rangoli. It is really getting popular and available in beautiful attractive patterns.

d. Grains Rangoli:

Traditionally, colors were created using natural materials. If we want to go organic, we can opt for rice, wheat, Dals, seeds, etc.

We can also color white rice using food color and use it in our rangoli.

e. Kundan Rangoli:

Kundan rangoli is the artistic innovation made from rhinestones, beads, plastic gems, and other ornamental pieces. These are available in the market in different shapes and looks. We can paste it on the wall as well as on the floor.

11. Dream Catchers

Let us bring home something that is a symbol of strength and unity. A beautiful piece with traditional belief to “catch” bad dreams and trap it so only the good ones would reach us. This is the” Dream Catcher” with endless stunning designs available in the market. We must go for it and decorate our balcony and bedroom.

Variety of dream catcher available online, some links provided below.


There are thousands of festival decore options available. But executing one of them is really difficult to work and requires a lot of effort. Don’t very firm like us DesignGig can help you in, like cleaning your home, painting and decore of your home. Always remember, your happiness and a big smile on your face will give the final and most important touch to the beauty of your house. So never forget to have some on your face.

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